Rise Of The Femme
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n.) A gender identity in which someone (female, male or other) has an awareness of cultural standards of femininity and actively embodies a feminine appearance, role, or archetype. It is usually–but not always–associated with a gay or queer sexual identity/sexuality. It is usually more accentuated and intentional than a straight female gender identity or gender presentation and often challenges standards of femininity through exaggeration, parody or transgression of gender norms. 

n.) A person (male, female or other) who identifies and/or presents a femme gender identity. 

v.) To actively embody a femme identity or gender presentation. 

adj.) intentionally, cleverly feminine. Feminine in a non-traditional way–or referring to something/one male (or non-female) that/whom is related to or embodies a conscious femininity.


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Femmescapes is a zine collecting visual and written work by queer and trans people who experience an affinity with femmeness.

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Rise of the Femme in process on view at the Texile Arts Center in March 2017.

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Gabrielle Civil's book, Swallow the Fish, ships 2/22/17. Pre-order your copy here.

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Purchase College, SUNY, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Richard & Dolly Maass Gallery

We are all leaders, we expect a savior, we expect someone to come lead us to the promise land, but if you look at the most successful social movements, in our society, in the last century - woman suffrage, labor movements - yes, we had outstanding people like Martin Luther King, Jr. - but we had large webs of people who felt empowered, and they felt that they needed to act, and that is what is beginning to happen.
— Robert Reich

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Visit Sarah Hewitt at the Textile Arts Center in March, 2017


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