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Artist's Role Today - Round table discussion + crochet with Sarah Hewitt

Join us Saturday, March 25, for a round table discussion about the artist's role with Work In Progress resident, Sarah Hewitt.

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"What is the role of an artist today? Its changed in my mind since the election and daily since the inauguration in January.

We are bombarded with reports of crisis, calls of action and protest. Implored to get involved, change the conversation, resist and support. I can hardly find space in my head to work, make, or plan. My head races. My heart is sore and tired. How do I proceed? I have altered my goals and am reworking my plans. I am looking at details and trying to figure out a way through, into and out of this new era."

Artists, critics, and makers of all kinds are invited to come together at the Textile Arts Center's Manhattan studio and share/talk/crochet & bitch.

Bring your thoughts, concerns and resources to the table and broaden the discussion. Crochet or knitting optional, but needles and yarn will be provided. Caffeine in abundance.

Sarah will talk about her current projects and collaborations. More importantly she wants to hear your thoughts, how you are working and your ideas about how to open up discourse in divided communities.


Sarah Hewitt is a Maine based contemporary artist. Sarah's constructions are crafted using laborious textile techniques, sacred rituals, and synthetic mass produced materials with vivid colors. Her woven works leads us adeptly into a conversation about the art and craft, feminism, and the fluidity of gender and sexuality. Sarah relishes the rise of the feminine and honors her matrilineage and patrilineage.

You can visit Sarah's installation for Work In Progress from March 4 - 31 and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays, 2-5PM at our Manhattan studio.