kathleen mccloud

In 2009 beavers moved into the Santa Fe River that runs through La Cieneguilla. I’ve never seen them but I know and love them for the cottonwoods they felled and ponds they built, and the birds, frogs and insects they attracted.

The animated landscape has its own story and keeps informing my work. The beavers, the river and an expanded cultural history for the La Cieneguilla valley, has been the focus of my ‘Water Rights’ themed residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute, which started last fall and culminates in June 2017. 

The rising femme is the wild at work, like the beavers, being what they are, and simultaneously building habitat for other species; fluid, committed, creating, nurturing, familial, fierce, and destructive as they make way for the future. Want something done? Call a beaver.



remember the beaver pond

mixed media archival digital prints, ink, acrylic, oil stick on paper, 2016


Captured by the Game

Installation detail, SFAI residency project ongoing


Morning star venus petroglyph

A morning star ‘Venus’ petroglyph on the volcanic rocks near my house was a symbol for war for the Keres speaking people who lived here until the Pueblo revolt in the late 1600s.  I think it means much more than the word war as we use it. It’s what we love so much we would die fighting for it because there is no life without it.  It’s life itself. Another reminder to me how creation and destruction are one and the same.