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Rise of the Femme

Coming soon not a goddess...

Woven Installation for the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan. Curated by Lisa Gordillo. On view from October 26, 2016 - May 3, 2017

Generous Assistance from Lisa Gordillo, George Hommowum, Terri Frew, Hannah Fisher, Cambry Wade, and Wyatt Hurst. Many thanks to Michigan Technological University for this opportunity and their generous support. Images provided by Michigan Technological University and Adam Johnson / Brockitt Photography.

download a project pdf here.

Full installation: 19' 3" x 44' 6" x 63' 7", Woven, crocheted, stitched and drawn flag tape, twine, yarns, cable, fabric, paillettes, sequins, tube top, beaded trims, leather trims, latex tubing, pompoms, tinsel, lap loom, tape dispenser, medicine bottle with dirt from Maine, dirt packages, crystal pull, found wood, clay, lambskin, ceramics, shackles.

she vows

She vows

To make plastic art

Redefine plastic art

To make you love plastic art

To make you bow to her craft

Redefine craft


To weave 

To weave your mind

To weave your mind into confusion

To drag you into the sacred without your consent

Weaving is the sacred, the tradition, the craft, and know-how passed from generations. It creates the cloth that protects, seduces and honors. Let it be the value, the commodity it has always been. Let how weaving functions, how it is installed within a space, how it fractures–let that be profane. 

Hundreds of intersections and textile connections come together and sing, but the tune is not a hymn. I am not looking to create a spectacle for fun or frivolity. This is crafting a new fabric in a manner that is complicated, as complicated and fragile as our contemporary moments.